Our Story

Naturally Relaxed, LLC was founded in 2017 to promote the importance of self-care by Lakisha who is a fourth-generation soap maker.

The purpose is to provide handcrafted, personal care products and services to Relax, Refresh, and Renew the Mind, Body, and Soul. In 2011, owners Lakisha and Chenay welcomed their bundle of joy 15 weeks early. Years of being consumed with post NICU appointments and now a perfectly healthy child, they realized their lack of self-care. In 2016, Lakisha was on military leave and found relaxation in homemaking.

Lakisha created products while Chenay, family, and close friends became her product samplers. She decided to step out on faith and turn her hobby into a business. Researching and recalling the fond memories of her Great grandmother who made “lye” soap for her family, the dynamic duo was well on their way to a creation of relaxation products. Each hand-crafted item is made with love and memories, all with the intent to unwind and restore the mind, body and soul of everyone.

In 2018, Lakisha became a Usui/Holy Fire II Level I and II certified Reiki practitioner. All products are infused with Reiki as a beneficial aid to self-healing and relaxation.

Our Mission

Naturally Relaxed is a holistic brand that promotes heart-centeredness by way of Reiki (energy healing) sessions and through our luxurious, handmade bath soap products. We also offer to those who are interested in expanding or starting a soap business the opportunity by working 1:1 with our Master Soap Coach.

Our Vision

The visions we have for Naturally Relaxed, LLC are to build a healthy, wealthy generational brand that will always create space worldwide for individuals on the inner-healing journeys. This will be achieved by raising brand awareness to promote the importance of self-care.

Facts about Naturally Relaxed

What is Reiki?

A healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the client by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the client’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being. Reiki can be performed at a distant. Distance Reiki is a technique that enables the practitioner to provides sessions beyond the limitations of space and time.

Who/What may benefit from Reiki?

  • Humans
  • Animals
  • Plants
  • Vehicles

Why do our prices end in .01?

Our son Jaiden was born March 1, 2011 and weighed 1 lb. 5 oz. and 13 in. long. He is a vital part of our business. In honor of Jaiden being our number one, we decided to end our prices in 01.

How do you infuse Reiki into your products?

Everything we do here at Naturally Relaxed, begins with a positive mindset, intentions, affirmations, and the use of Reiki symbols. I am an intuitive Reiki practitioner who relies on God, my Spirit Guides and my intuition to guide my heart and hands during product making and sessions.

What products do you recommend for troubled skin?

We make products to convey a message to take care of yourself exclusively. We remain in compliance with the FDA because our soaps aren’t considered “soap as drug” meaning we don’t claim disease or skin condition preventions.


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