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Company Rights: We reserve the right(s) to modify the Privacy Policy at any time. We will provide updates to remain in compliance with all federal, state and local laws. Under no circumstance will our customers be uninformed of pertinent information related to their welfare or the welfare of Naturally Relaxed, LLC.

Consent: By providing your personal information to complete a transaction, verification of credit cards, and orders; an established level of trust is being provided to Naturally Relaxed, LLC. We do not solicit or share your information with marketers or other third-parties.

Age Consent: By using you have indicated that you are at least the deemed legal age of your state to purchase an item(s) from Naturally Relaxed, LLC. Minors please consult with parent(s) or legal guardian prior to purchase attempt.

Rights: If we are required by law to disclose your personal information we will comply.

Security: Information is collected and stored through our third-party processors Stripe. Please read Stripe policy regarding the collection and safety of all collected information.

Cyber security is a top priority with Naturally, Relaxed, LLC. Personal information to include credit card information is encrypted using SSL certificates.