Bath Bombs

Who dropped the BOMB? You’ve been enjoying The Luxurious Experience and Boom! Suddenly someone dropped the bomb. We did it! Allow our luxurious, silky, Reiki-infused, handmade bath bombs made with quality natural ingredients to explode in your warm, luxurious bathwater.

Essential or fragrance oils; as well as botanicals are used during the process. All oils/colorants are bath and body safe and used within guidelines. Bath bombs are made with EVERYONE in mind.

How to use: Fill your bathtub with warm water, drop in the bath bomb and lie back, enjoy the aroma and color(s).

Caution: Oils in the tub can lead to a slippery surface when exiting so be careful.

Disclaimer: Naturally Relaxed, LLC cannot be responsible for tub issues due to the use of botanicals in products.