The Soap Bar Program

Welcome to The Soap Bar!

It’s the Art and Science of Soaping.

We are ecstatic to share our new and improved artisan soap course!

What makes our soap classes unique? Our very own artisan, certified Reiki practitioner(energy healer) Lakisha (Soap Slayer) will serve as your personal coach during the six (6) week sessions. To date the Soap Slayer has made over 2,500 luxurious, Reiki infused bars of soap.

She is adventurous; in 2020 she and her partner made a 6 foot soap mold; which contained over 500 ounces of oils and butter to make a Mother’s Day soap.

Lakisha taught her partner how to make a specific batch of soap 2,000 plus miles away for a denim company.

Lakisha created the The Soap Bar program based on her shortcomings and constant research to birth a generational luxurious, healthy, wealthy holistic soap business.

Lakisha helps the following:


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