Who is the Soap Slayer?


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Well, many of you may not have a clue about the brown, magical, 5ft 8in Goddess over at Naturally Relaxed, LLC. Many may not know about Naturally Relaxed. I am transparent and here to share with you some of my tea. 

Who Am I? 

I am Lakisha a native of Orangeburg, South Carolina. I was the apple of my father’s eyes and a businesswoman like my mother. I grew up with both parents, a loving paternal great-grandmother, and a plethora of family members who will go to war for and with me. I spent most of my childhood with my paternal great grandmother, aunt, younger siblings, and other relatives while my parents worked. As a child, I desired to become a dermatologist upon completion of college. 

I graduated high school in 2000, departed for college in August 2000. A month into experiencing college life, I was faced with the devastating loss of my aunt. My aunt was like a mother. The harsh reality of losing a loved one at such a pivotal point in my life sent me down a dark path for many years. I became mentally and emotionally unstable. The dreams of becoming a doctor were damn near shattered due to my instability. 

I started a career as a pharmacy technician in 2002. I envisioned myself as a Pharmacist, began to research admission requirements, and retrained my brain to move forward. I became certified in 2004, yet my life was still incomplete. I made the decision to join the military after reevaluating my life. I resigned from being a certified pharmacy technician in 2009 to fulfill my military obligation. I always had the hard-charging mentality, and while the obstacles

delayed the progression, I was determined to graduate college upon completion of basic training. I graduated from Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training by January 2010. In 2011, we welcomed the birth of our miracle baby who was born fifteen weeks early. 

When will the trauma end? What else will happen to delay my goals for obtaining my college degree? 

In 2012, I enrolled in an accelerated degree program and graduated with Honors in May 2013. It was the best gift I could have given my son, parents, and myself. Despite the obstacles and delays, I remained true to myself and thrived. Completing my degree paid homage to my aunt. 

So how did I end up being a bomb-ass artisan? 

I intentionally left out the tea about my paternal great-grandmother being the original “Soap Slayer.” She made those ugly hunks of lye soap for our family during my childhood. While the thoughts of becoming a doctor or pharmacist weighed heavy on my mind, I didn’t have the urge to continuously retake courses. I remembered growing up my dad always told us he wanted his children to own a business. My father was an entrepreneur so it only made sense for his children to follow in his footsteps. 

I birthed our family business in 2014 with assistance from my parents and younger siblings. While I applied and was accepted to prestigious colleges and universities following my bachelor’s, I felt a greater calling to share my traumatic birthing experience with those who could benefit. I wasn’t sure how to turn the experience

into a business until one day the keen smell of my great grandmother’s soap ingredients graced my presence. 

I called my dad to ask if he could recall the grandma’s recipe. We collectively recited ingredients and potential locations to make purchases. I attended one soap class, shared with the artisan the recipe I created and started making bomb ass soaps in 2017. I think it’s safe to say my degree in Business Administration served a purpose. Soaping is in my DNA. I have since been informed of my maternal great-grandmother and grandmother’s made lye soap. Here’s my new title: Master Soap and Business Coach and Intuitive Reiki Practitioner. 

Yes, I worked HARD to obtain my degree as well as the above titles. I am often referred to as the “Quiet Storm.” 

If you take anything away from this blog, please let it be to NEVER GIVE UP. I am grateful every day for the ability to serve as a vessel for those who are troubled. I persevered due to a promise, I made to my son during his lowest moment in life. Always remember you are here for a reason. Serve your purpose.

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