Understanding and Healing Trauma

Do you feel as if you are fighting a constant battle? Trying to forget, forgive, and heal? Yet you take one step forward to find yourself drained in every capacity of your life. Trauma isn’t limited and has many faces. Try to avoid alcohol or drugs to dismiss your feelings. The seven-step guide to understanding … Read more

What is Holiday Blues?

Temporary feelings of depression and sadness during the holiday season. It’s often associated with unrealistic expectations, memories, or extra stress associated with the season. My Life and Holiday Blues  In October 2019, I realized various triggers and abnormalities. It was a no-brainer the holiday season was approaching. In 2019, my family and I experienced a … Read more

Reiki & Prayer Saved My Life

How does one process the loss of a loved one? How do you move forward in what is now a hollow space? What healing modalities and resources are available to aid with grief? The first day of the New Year has always been spent giving thanks to God, attending festivities with family, and so much … Read more

My Love for Essential Oils

It’s no secret I love all things natural. So, when I decided to move forward with the business, I knew we would use essential oils in our products. The benefits of essential oils align with the mission of Naturally Relaxed. To me, essential oils are magical and sacred. The right quality of the oils will … Read more

Who is the Soap Slayer?

Well, many of you may not have a clue about the brown, magical, 5ft 8in Goddess over at Naturally Relaxed, LLC. Many may not know about Naturally Relaxed. I am transparent and here to share with you some of my tea.  Who Am I?  I am Lakisha a native of Orangeburg, South Carolina. I was … Read more